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A multi-purpose bot featuring Moderation, memes, interactive commands, and much more to come in the future.



New and upcoming updateds

Hello, recently I have added a few command fixes and a new customs status which displays a lot. Over the next few days, I will be remodeling the following commands, 'help', 'moderation', and many more. You will get a much easier time figuring out how to use commands, and a bunch of fun stuff to be added. Thank you for using Swift bot, and I hope you will enjoy it.


The bot uses node.js, it can ban and kick, and mute people for the moderation. For the memes, it can do the following commands, "Funny", "Meme". it has a help command which can tell you all the possible commands you can use. It can make private text channels between memebers and even sends you alerts. The alerts can range from a nickname change to a welcome to joining the server. It has a lot of small commands such as, version, pong, ect. It has protection against users who try and use commands that they cant, double protection infact. Users must uphold a higher role to ban, kick or mute someone, and have the selected positions for that role.

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