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Lifeline Security Anti-Raid Bug

We are temporarily removing the anti-raid commands as there is a bug that is causing them not to work as we intended we will hopefully have this fixed as soon as possible will keep posted here. I hope you all understand and sorry for the inconvenience! This Has been resolved as of May 8th, 2021 8:12:33 AM EST


Protect your servers when your offline! Feel confident when you go to bed or go out somewhere that when you come back your server will still be there thanks to Lifeline Security!


Lifeline Security is the next biggest moderation bot to come into the game! We are currently in our Beta but don't worry the team is extremely dedicated to this project I mean look at what all we did already! better yet you might think you have seen it all but guess what? THERE IS MORE TO COME! Stop slacking off on your server's protection and add Lifeline Security to your server today and never look back!


We offer some features that you won't see anywhere else such as a SERVER-WIDE trust system which will allow the owner/admin/so on to see if the member will be an issue before they even walk through the door! We also offer an extremely advanced anti-raid system that is sure to make sure nothing goes wrong with your server ever again that can also be managed via our site! Heard enough? So what are you waiting for! Invite Lifeline Security to your server NOW!

Features & Commands

Lifeline Security offers WAY more than just your normal bot commands!

  • {} = Optional
  • [] = Required
  • = Removed Temporarily (Normally for bug fixes)
.help moderation ╿ Will display all Moderation commands
.ban [@User] [Reason] ╿ Will ban the mentioned user
.unban [UserID] ╿ Will unban the user via their UserID
.unbanall ╿ Will unban all users
.mute [@User] [Time(s,m,h)] [Reason] ╿ Will mute the mentioned user
.unmute [@User] ╿ Will unmute the mentioned user
.lock [#Channel] {Time} [Reason] ╿ Will lock the locked channel
.unlock [#Channel] ╿ Will unlock the locked channel
.lockall {Time} {Reason} ╿ Locks all channels
.unlockall [Reason] ╿ Will unlock all locked channels
.nuke ╿ Will wipe a channel of all its messages
.delete [Value] ╿ Will delete a certain value of messages from the channel this command is issued in
.add [@Role] [@User] ╿ Will add the mentioned user to the mentioned role
.remove [@Role] [@User] ╿ Will remove the mentioned user from the mentioned role
.captcha [Enable/Disable] ╿ Will enable or disable the captcha system
.captcha setrole [@Role] ╿ Will auto-role the user into the specified role upon a completed captcha
.help anti-nuke ╿ Will display all Anti-Raid commands
.anti show {module} ╿ Will display all enabled & disabled modules or show the details of a {module} you specified
.anti [Enable/Disable] [Module] ╿ Will enable or disable an Anti-Raid module
.anti set [Module] [Setting] [Value] ╿ Will change the specified module's setting
.whitelist [Add/Remove] [@Role/@User] ╿ Will Add or remove a user or role for bypassing Anti-Raid features
.logs [#Channel] ╿ Will put logs in the specified channel (Edits, Deletes, Updates, Etc.)
.clogs [#Channel] ╿ Will put captcha logs in the specified channel (Approved, Failed, Etc.)
.help {Help Category} ╿ Will display all available categories or commands of the specified category
.info ╿ Will display the current server's information
.support ╿ Will display the hyperlink to Lifeline Security's Support server
.profile [@User] ╿ Will display information on the mentioned user
.prefix [New Prefix] ╿ Will change the prefix for the bot
.backup ╿ Will backup your entire server and will assign an access key 1 Hour Cooldown
.restore [Restore Key] ╿ Will restore your server back to the last known good configuration (LKGC)
Trust System
.help trust ╿ Will display all trust system commands
.trust [@User] ╿ Will display the mentioned user's trust level
.trustwelcome [#Channel] ╿ Will embed a welcome message displaying the new member's trust level

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