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Ren! Ren is a bot that is capable of doing Moderation, Utility, Fun and Economy ren is a very fun bot to use new features everyday!



Ren A bot made from the bdfd script who can use moderation, utility, fun and economy. ren is a fun bot to use with new features being added everyday invite ren now! a bot that does all necessary work for you! here are some example commands- ban unban kick mute unmute lock unlock purge nuke meme work fish bal crime lb shop kiss, cuddle, hug, and other action commands oxygene (the text entered will be turned in the oxygene font from geometry dash! open opens a ticket! close closes a ticker! (note you have to make a role called 'ticket' and a catagory called 'tickets' and modify everyone perms and add ticket role and necessary permissions!, some newly added commands! Added the Welcomer which adds a cool and cute welcomer to your server! And added a ton of commands using apis!

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