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A fantastic bot that is sure to keep your server members active.






If you need something to keep your server members active, Roaster Rooster is a perfect choice for you. Roaster Rooster is an amusing bot with various commands that can be used by yourself, with others or even against others! My personal favorite commands are the Roast Command and the Comeback Command! If you're ever caught in a situation where someone's throwing insults at you, Roaster Rooster has your back. Don't try to roast him though, he won't like that ://

IMPORTANT: I have started the verification process but the bot has been flagged for "suspicious growth" meaning I have to wait a few weeks before I can attempt to verify again. On the bright side though, discord has allowed the bot to have 150 more server spaces πŸ˜€ Thanks, JD! To clarify, the bot is now capped at 250 servers! Share the bot with your friends c;

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