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Alpha Advertising is a bot that helps you advertise your server and help it grow with a customizable advert card.


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Alpha Advertising

A server advertisement bot

Easily advertise your server across other servers
All you need to do is run a couple of simple commands and you're ready to go!

Then run the bump command and your server will be advertised to set advert channels.

How to setup

Simply begin by running the adsetup command.
This will add your server to our advert database.

You can remove your server from our listing at any time by running the leave command.

Then set your invite channel by running the setinv command.
And thats it!
If you want to make your advert card look nicer, you can add a description and a banner.
To set a description, run the setdesc command and provide a description for your server.
If you have a banner, you can add that too! Run the setbanner and the url to your banner.

Please make sure your description and banner follows our guidelines

Other information

Our documentation
Our official discord server

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