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A Discord jail Bot, completely based on slash commands!


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EF Jail is a jail bot that consists exclusively of slash commands.
When you invite the bot, all slash commands should normally already be available, but you may sometimes have to wait briefly until they are correctly displayed on your server. Please note the following 2 things:

  1. You have to invite him with the permission 'Create slash commands in your server'. Otherwise it won't work. (Please note, it is an authorization that is NOT included with the administrator!)
  2. There are no normal commands, i.e. there is also NO normal Help menu!

Here you can see a small, hopefully helpful, explanation of the individual commands:

/jail option: <add/remove/check> user: <user> reason: [reason]
➡️ add -> Jail a user
➡️ remove -> release a user again
➡️ check -> Get information about a trapped user

➡️ user -> Enter a user whom you want to jail / unjail/ receive information
➡️ reason⠀-> You can optionally give a reason why you want to jail a user

/config option: <blacklist/jailrole> role: <role> add_remove: [add/remove]
➡️ blacklist -> The reason command for roles that should not be given again after the stay in jail
➡️ jailrole -> The base command to set the role that should be given in jail

➡️ role -> Indicate the role that should be taken

➡️ add -> You can manually specify whether you want to add the role for the blacklist command
➡️ remove⠀-> You can still specify manually whether you want to remove the role for the blacklist command
If you do not specify anything, add will be used automatically if it is not yet in the blacklist, otherwise it will be removed from the blacklist

/show option: <jailed/settings>
➡️ jailed -> All jailed users are listed here
➡️ settings⠀-> The current settings are displayed here!

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