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A bot that serves the purpose for all that you need related to football - from searching up football players to clubs!


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Bot verified!

Football Scorer has now been verified by Discord themselves!


The bot is made to help you in all your journeys in the football world. All required data - from stats to player info is available in this one bot, at Discord! The bot is unique and one-of-a-kind, and strives to get better in usage everyday. There are a wide range of commands, listed with their usage below:


  1. !search_player : This command provides all the data about that player you are looking for. There are 3 pages here.
    1. Page 1: Basic player details.
    2. Page 2: Player transfer details.
    3. Page 3: If player has not retired, and has played the last tournament their club/nation has played - stats in league.

  2. !search_club: This command gives you all the required data about the club you're searching for. This has 4 pages.

    1. Page 1: Team squad.
    2. Page 2: Team statistics.
    3. Page 3: Manager info.
    4. Page 4: Headlines about the team.

  3. !table: This provides you with an option to choose from the table of the top 5 leagues.This command is temporarily disabled as no leagues have started.


  1. GTP (!gtp) : This stands for Guess the Player. A random player from the top 5 leagues (the league can be chosen) is chosen. The bot collects and provides you with their career path - clubs played for and which period - from which you have to guess the player! You've got to be quick, because 30 seconds is sure not long to Google!
  2. Blurs (!blur) : A random player from the top 5 leagues (can be chosen) is blurred. You have 30 seconds to guess which player the bot has blurred for you!
  3. Badges (!badge) : A random club is chosen by the bot from a massive pool of clubs. You have 20 seconds to track down the club and beat the timer!


!set_prefix : This command helps you change the prefix for the bot in your server.
Pssst. Forgot the prefix in your server? Only mention the bot `@Football Scorer`, and it will come to your rescue!

The bot undergoes constant changes with newer minigames being added, and the old ones being maintained! A new minigame which you have never seen before is coming soon! For more details and usage, click here!

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