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Banana Bot

The new premier stock market bot for Discord, made by apes, for apes.



This stock bot was created to assist retail investors before making jumping into decisions in the market.

With real-time data, and links to charts built into responses, it is easier than ever to beat the hedge funds!

Keep track of your portfolio across every server that the Banana Bot is used in!

By utilizing the $ prefix, you are able to request detailed stock information on the stock ticker requested.

Commands with examples below

  • $quote SPY- This will show the SPY's detailed stock information, with multiple pages of information for the user to view.
  • $portfolio ($p) - This will show users your portfolio! Our bot utilizes a database that allows portfolio data to transfer between servers! Call the command to learn more
  • $alerts - Get alerts when a certain stock reaches a price! Call the command to learn more
  • $ping - Get websocket latency data from Discord
  • $help - Get a list of commands and link to the support server!

Join the Banana Bot support server to request assistance when using the bot, suggest new features, and get announcements of downtimes, outages, and updates!

Features being worked on:

  • Crypto currency command
  • Slash commands!
  • Website

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