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Created By: Avatar of Carl Carl# 0001

Meet Carlbot

Before, you needed a bot for stream announcements, a bot for custom commands, a bot for role management, and on and on...

Carlbot does what the most popular bots do but does it better, faster, and without the meme commands that spam and annoy you. Carlbot has been used to reduce the number of bots needed in a server from 3 to 4 or more… to just 1.

Online Dashboard

  • Access Carlbot’s dashboard from a web browser at your computer, on your tablet; even from your phone
  • Includes a simple-to-use embed builder with color picker for simple jobs or custom colors for those of you that need it
  • Manage the bot's prefix and nickname
  • Command permissions
  • Welcome/farewell messages (with embeds)
  • Create and manage the starboard directly from the web
  • Manage automod settings
  • Configure logging
  • Set up autoroles and sticky roles
  • Create and edit custom commands, responses and repeating announcements directly from the website (with embeds)
  • Blazing fast, sleek design and instant updates. You can't go wrong.

Role Management - Put the work in your member's hands, or Carlbot's

  • Carlbot can assign a role to users as they join your server, and with stickyroles – reassign that role if they leave and rejoin.
Delayed Autoroles
  • Great for assigning a role that keeps members in a #rules channel long enough to read them (hopefully)
Reaction Roles
  • Carlbot's reaction roles are fast, extremely easy to set up, customizable and don't limit you. Unlike some other bots offering reaction roles, Carlbot allows for 'unique roles' meaning members can only pick up one role from a message (useful for colors).

  • What limits does it have?

    250 (1000 for patrons) reaction roles, other than that? Nothing.

        ‣ Want to put one role on one message per channel? Go for it!

        ‣ Need to add 250 roles to a single message? Odd, but technically doable.

        ‣ Want a role to assign one of many roles but for all reaction roles to apply a divider role? This bot does that!

        ‣ Want to limit the number of people with a role? Doable!

        ‣ Want the message to self-destruct?

        ‣ Want to blacklist roles from picking up roles?

        ‣ Want a reaction role bot that's blazing fast with anti-abuse built in? This bot does it all.

  • !rr make is an interactive setup command to get started with reaction roles. It aids you in creating an embed and adding reaction roles to it. Additionally, to mark a message as 'unique' (members can only pick up one role from it) use !rr unique <msg_id> you can see the message ids off all reaction role messages by typing !rr show ReactionRoles

Automod - Goodbye to mentionspam, raids, and more

Is it against your server’s rules to post invite links to other servers? Carlbot’s automod features will automatically carry out specified punishment actions including the ability to delete the message immediately, temporarily banning or muting the sender, etc.

You can also:
• Apply multiple punishment actions to an infractive example with the click of a button
• PM/DM users to inform them why the mod action was taken
• Defer infractions to a specific channel for your mod team to decide what action to take next
• Use Carlbot's mod-log features, allowing moderator's to take responsibility for their actions         warn         modlog

Granular Permission System

  • Give each command its own set of rules
  • Manage commands in bulk on the website
  • Add global settings
  • Redirect output, mute output, keep spammy commands in a designated bot-channel
  • Use the bot to its full potential without ever annoying anyone

Extensive Logging - "The consequences of every act are included in the act itself"

No one is a Big Brother quite like Carlbot. Know when members join/leave/create invites/change their nickname or avatar and much more by logging server and user actions with Carlbot. With the possibility of splitting logging into five separate channels, the bot makes sure you get all the info with zero clutter.

A user edited a message to try to cover their tracks of behavior against your server’s rules? Carlbot will show you that. MessageEdit

Customization - Let Carlbot do even more for you. Seriously.

  • Custom commands are easy to set up, but offer powerful 'blocks' for those willing to make the effort. Take for instance the following example:                     !tag + mathskillz $author really #{4|Likes~hates} math

If someone used the !mathskillz command Carlbot will pull one response more often than the other based on the N| syntax:

Command % of instances it is invoked ..it will respond:
!mathskillz 80 “@UserThatMadeTheTag really likes math”
!mathskillz 20 “@UserThatMadeTheTag really hates math”
Custom Welcome
  • Want to give users a good first impression? Carlbot can send messages to users when they join, with the ability to use several variables, such as their name and their ordinal number of the server’s member count. Now with embeds
Custom Embeds
  • Make highly readable embeds that make channels for rules, expections, FAQs, and more
  • Before you ask: of course you can use them in autofeeds, custom tags, and more. Carlbot is just that good.

Example of a custom !bard tag built for a Pathfinder server: embed

Command Management
  • Carlbot allows you to control who can use what commands. By default certain commands are modonly as described in the documentation
  • Worried about users spamming commands that have images/links for output? Specify a channel for bot output to keep chatty channels free of clutter

Community Building

  • Like mum pinning your drawings to the refrigerator, the Starboard is a place for your users to save posts by using the ⭐️emoji
  • Posts need to meet a minimum number of stars recieved – which, of course, you customize Starboard
  • Allow members to make suggestions for the server
  • Carlbot will number the suggestion, post it to the specified channel, and let your members upvote/downvote the suggestion
  • Carlbot will create a suggestions channel for you by using !suggestion channel - or make your own channel, and set Carlbot to ouput suggestions there Suggestion
  • Customize how many upvotes are needed to change the color on the suggestion embed which can symbolize that enough votes were gained to make the admin/mod team consider the suggestion
  • If you'd like, Carlbot will even DM/PM users upon approval/denial of a suggestion they submitted
  • Using a suggestion-log channel will keep all of your server members up to speed on the status of suggestions that have had decision actions carried out SuggestionLog
  • Feeds/Autofeeds – Feeds are a way for you to make announcements and ping a specific role without having to deal with the annoyances and potential abuse from either having a pingable role or manually toggling inbetween pingable and not
  • Automatic feeds can be seen as group reminders as they share a lot of functionality with reminders: Autofeed
Twitch Notifications
  • Comes with the ability to let non-mods add a specified number of channels (useful for allowing members to add themselves)

Want to support the dev and learn more?

Check Out:
Carlbot Help Server
Carlbot Dashboard
Discord Bot List

User Reviews


Based on 73 reviews

avatar of Circuit
Circuit 29 days ago

Bot is good, dev is awful. If you ever think the bot could be improved, forget it. You try to suggest something to the dev and he calls you names and blocks you.


avatar of bacon.
bacon. 25 days ago

bot is good, staff and dev can stub their toes on a metal table


avatar of woah
woah 25 days ago

Good bot, but absolutely horrible support server. Mods are very mean and will mute you permanently for doing literally nothing but sending an emote. Just saw them mute 4 people for just sending an emote. Pretty sad that such a good bot has such toxic support. :/ Wouldn't recommend at all


avatar of Toph
Toph 25 days ago

The bot is okay, even though it breaks every now and then. But the staff is extremely toxic, they called someone a cry baby for bringing up how they were muted awhile ago and then muted them for no reason, even though the person was just curious on why they were muted. Carl should definitely invest in finding some decent staff that are actual decent human beings.


avatar of vicalt
vicalt 25 days ago

Awesome bot but horrible support server and mods who mute others permanently for being lost in #general, the mod with purple name literally muted a person for sending messages also the support channels do not work as I sent a question and no one answered me after a long time


avatar of astro
astro 25 days ago

wouldn't recommend at all, its always either broken or offline, also never join their help server they won't help u just mute u you would be better off with dyno or mee6


avatar of vic 🐸
vic 🐸 25 days ago

I tried asking questions on the support server and I was ignored. I tried to chat in #general and I got muted indefinitely then I got banned for reacting to messages. Honestly, awful support server with "toxic" staff, why would you make a support server with general text channel s but not allow people to send messages? Someone was called a "crybaby" by a staff member bc they tried to find the reason for their mute a few months back. I would suggest you to hire friendlier staff and edit ur "rules".


avatar of PillowTalk
PillowTalk 25 days ago

bruh, i asked them about the rules, and they banned me :(


avatar of Rocky43007
Rocky43007 25 days ago

The bot's ok. Breaks down often. However, the staff is horrible in the support server. Saw people posting 6 reactions and was called reaction spam, someone got muted and was called a crybaby. Use the bot, as it's fine, but don't join the support server.


avatar of MsCandy44
MsCandy44 25 days ago

The bot is good, very complex options for custom commands, but not always reliable. Invite link automod has been broken for several days so we had to code a separate bot to check for invites in our server. The support server is awful, the moderation team is salty and makes you scared to ask questions. You're not even allowed to react to messages so they should just disable reactions honestly. I'm waiting to see if the rewrite fixes the issues we constantly get


avatar of Hmmmm
Hmmmm 25 days ago

Bot is good and quite useful though a bit hard to understand the features properly. The bot also has a tendency to break and not exactly reliable always. As an bonus, don't bother checking the support server as the dev and staffs are not helpful and most certainly *toxic*.


avatar of Shadence
Shadence 25 days ago

The bot itself is wonderful, makes moderating so simple and it's easy to set up if you know what you're doing, although the issues arise when carl is offline (once a week if you're lucky) and different aspects of their bot stop working (such as tracking invites) > anyhoo, what I'd really like to know, is where did they acquire their pronounced staff team for their so called, 'support' server. Every time I go in there, people have been banned or muted, for talking... If you are to join this wonderful support server, please make sure to keep in mind that you are, under no circumstances, allowed to say "Hi" in their general chat, this will result in a lengthy mute or ban. (sry not mini-modding) (pls don't ban me) on a side note > maybe consider changing your staff team, who seem to be dumber than a box of hair... (sorta like an inverse Einstein), to someone who will say "Hi" back to you. :smiley:


avatar of SanSan
SanSan 25 days ago



avatar of GoodGradesBoy
GoodGradesBoy 29 days ago

Turtles are objectively better then Dyno. Did you know: Turtles lived through when dinosaurs died?


avatar of Trych
Trych 29 days ago

I used carl bot a lot back in the beginning of my community server but I feel some things could be done better. The embeds are annoying to redo every time, before I find the bot Dyno I would keep my carl's customized message embed window open for weeks to not lose it in case I had to change something and repost it so to me that's one thing that had me leave this bot for something more adapted and also the lack of command response customization when muting/banning/warning someone, A lot of things could be improved but suggestions and feedbacks seems to be often ignored, belittled or mocked most of the time which is sad since this bot have such potential and space for improvement. Carl was one of the first bot I ever used but will sadly not remain on my server.


avatar of ! R!CE
! R!CE 29 days ago

Wow its so good


avatar of editid
editid 28 days ago

Better than MEE6, and dyno, everything seems to work without issues


avatar of True Swordigo Fan
True Swordigo Fan 26 days ago

One of the best bots on discord i can get does all of moderation logging and like almost full control on my server including custom tags also no such necessary premium also so yeah like you can get the premium for levelling stuff but it ain't that necessary


avatar of Sparon
Sparon 29 days ago

A free an helpful bot with and many mod+other cmds , also its better than Dyno


avatar of Noаh
Noаh 28 days ago

This is, by far, the best moderation bot (well, it's kind of multi-purpose too) I have ever seen. The developer reached out to me a while back since I added the bot in a large server. He was willing to add any features and accommodate for us. Nice guy, great dev, great bot. Period.