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Created By: Alex1304# 9704

What is UltimateGDBot?


UltimateGDBot is a bot dedicated to the popular platform game Geometry Dash. It uses a custom API to get information from the game servers such as user profiles, custom levels, and more.


What can this bot do?


Currently the main features are:

  • View a player profile
  • Search for a custom level
  • Get info on current Daily levels and Weekly Demons
  • Server admins can configure the bot so it can send notifications when special events happen in the game (new awarded levels, new moderators, new Daily/Weekly levels)
  • Check whether a user is an in-game moderator and view the full GD moderator list
  • Find the passcode to clone any level to the editor
  • Link your Geometry Dash account to the bot so you can gain access to more features, such as server-wide leaderboards based on user's game stats (more coming soon™).

UltimateGDBot is an open-source project and is available on GitHub.