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iBot is a multipurpose utility and fun bot. Add custom reaction to users, make automated rosters and more!


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iBot is a multipurpose fun and utility bot with some very useful yet very easy and simple functions when it comes to using it!

iBot lets you add custom reaction emojis to users in your servers, once added iBot will react to each user's messages with the specified emoji (with a cooldown).

iBot also lets you create automated rosters/lists based on roles. You may create as many user lists/rosters as you wish and iBot will make sure they're also automatically updated as you add or remove users from/to role. For more information use the command iroster   And much more! View the complete list of commands by using the command ihelp.

Emoji commands
iaddemoji @user :emoji: - Add an emoji to a user
idelemoji @user - Remove an emoji from a user.

Roster commands

iroster #channel @role - Add a role based roster to a channel.
irosters - View Server rosters
idroster <id> - Delete a roster from server

Mute commands

imute @user - Soft mute a user.
iunmute @user - Soft unmute a user.

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