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/help For help /help <command> for more help ;D And here are some of the commands ( there are more coming ) fancy: Makes the given text look better average: Calculates the average of given numbers and saves it as variableavg distorttext: D I S T O R T I F Y ID B:Bold I:Italic Gd:G Gap followed by a digit [Max 9] give: Sharing = Caring apologize: Sorryy.. togglementionable: Toggle the mentionable option for a role userinfo: Get some information about a user! roleinfo: Shows info of a certain role! cat: Get a random cat pic :3 dog: Get a random dog pic :o roblox: Edit your profile or view others profile! art: Be an artist! emojis: Lists avilable emojis forreactcommand! react: Reacts to the given message with an emoji. The given message has to be in the same channel and has to be one of the recent 100 messages.
Use the commandemojisto see which other emojis the bot can use color: Get a color! serverinfo: Shows some information about the server! clearbot: Purge those messages! youtube: View details of youtube videos play: Plays music volume: Change the volume of your music stop: Stop every sound pause: Pauses your music resume: Pauses your music ping: Shows your and bot's ping! soundboard: Plays some sound! Do '/slist' to view all the sounds slist: Shows all avilable sounds for the soundboard leave: Leaves voice channel join: Joins a voice channel help: Stop it! Get some help. invert: It's opposite day blur: Blurrr calc: Does some maths! Do/calcto view the avilable variables and functions presence: Change the bot's presence! online: Is the bot is online? switch: Switch bots uptime: I wonder how long this bot has been online hMM afk: Makes you go afk :p createrole: Creates a new role eval: Evaluates JavaScript Code servers: Shows the servers this is living in! pbt: Pbpbpbpbpbt~ clear: Purge messages from the channel (Only the messages which are less than 14 days old) invite: Invite this bot to your server or join the support server! suggest: Suggest your ideas!

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