Croissant is a multifunctional bot based on boopie. Features include: Gopher client, Engrish, basic selfroles, and adding emoji

Created By: dotcomboom# 1395


Croissant is a multifunctional Discord bot based on boopie.

Discord Bots


Items marked with a [B] are original or modified Boopie commands.

🀘 Meta

  • [B] help - Command list.
  • stats - Bot stats and links.

ℹ️ Information

  • user - User information.
  • guild - Guild information.
  • verbosity - See who has been participating in the channel lately.

πŸŽ‰ Fun

  • [B] 8ball - Answers yes/no questions.
  • cowsay - A cow says whatever you want it to.
  • figlet - Make ascii art using figlet fonts.
  • swipe - Deletes your message right after posting :^).
  • engrish - Yandex Translate parties from the comfort of Discord.
  • goolish - The above, but Google! Leads to funnier results.

πŸ—ΊοΈ External

  • yt - Search YouTube (currently broken).
  • gopher - Access resources from gopherspace.

πŸ“› Selfroles

  • role - Any role in the guild that starts with + is a selfrole and can be obtained by any user with this system.

πŸ› οΈ Management

  • purge - Delete up to 100 messages in one fell swoop. Requires the Manage Messages permission.
  • emote - Add custom emoji with either an upload, URL, or one from Requires the Manage Emoji permission.