A bot that allows you to create and manage game servers directly from Discord

Created By: Chekkie# 0414

Introducing GM8 the one and only bot that allows you to control your server directly from the comfort of discord. Just type .gm8 to get acess to a lage variety of commands from creating a new server to adding admins to the server. You can use start, stop, and restart to change the current status of the server at any time. Create and use backups and save at any time without ever leaving discord. display the server info in moments.

But that's not all if you don't want to use the bot the GM8 website has a plehtora of features aswell. Want to change the config we have a tab just for that!. Mods are simple aswell just click the one you want from our list and it will install in seconds. Want to download your saves that's possible aswell. We even offer FTP support so you can connect directly to your server and add/remove/edit files as you please.

Currently GM8 offers server for Minecraft, Factorio, Minetest, and Teamspeak we're adding more every month so if you don't see the game your looking for check back soon or ask in our discord and we'll make sure to add it to our list. We hold monthly polls on our server for what games to work on next. We also host competitions where you can win amazing awards T-shirts, servers, jackets, etc.

Check us out at