Fruit of the reconstruction of a common bot. Here is Nova, the bot that represents the new generation of bots within the platform.

Created By: Dresden# 7000


Nova is a next-gen powerful and generic bot. It's made with discord.js, using Visual Studio Code and a VPS. Join the support server if you want to report any bug or any not-working command/function. You can display either n!help or n!commands to see the full commands page of the bot.

Categories & Commands

- Bot

    · about, commands, invite, uptime, ping, vote

- Utility

    · userinfo, guildinfo, guildroles, guildemojis, avatar, gifavatar, membercount, myanimelist, shorten, hexcolor, instagram, mcserver, hastebin, qrcode, calculator, discrim, weather

- Fun

    · say, esay, 8ball, rps, asciify, coinflip, achievement, reddit, minesweeper

- Moderation

    · kick, ban, clear, createrole, nickname

- Music

    · play, skip, stop, volume, nowplaying, queue, pause, resume, lyrics

- Social

    · backgroundset, backgroundpreview, colorset, profile, rep

- Economy

    · balance, work, crime, rob, daily, pay, shop, buy


We add new features and commands every day, join support server to stay tuned!


v6.8.0 - Economy System available for everyone now.