A general bot, with osu!std+osu!ctb tracking, osu! stats, and much more.

Created By: Stubbs# 6819

Usen!help to get a list of commands. Check out all our help and documentation here : On the 22/08/2018 the bot has been completely re-done, this means some commands have changed, so make sure to check the new command page. Some features are still being re-added like leveling. So far only basic banking has been coded.

  • Information
    • Runs on a top of the line server, so the only downtime you get is when we restart the bot to add something.
    • We use the osu! API to get player stats and tracking information.
    • The bot is run 24/7, with 99% uptime
  • osu! Stats
    • Player tracking on both standard + catch the beat
    • Map recommendation for standard + catch the beat
    • Get most recent play
    • Get player stats
  • Website Screenshotting
    • Screenshot any URL you want
    • Quality options
  • Basic Moderation
    • Ban, kick and mutes
    • Whitelist and blacklist
    • +more
  • Misc
    • Setup alerts in channels to alert people when you are streaming.
    • Reaction commands.
    • Monkey racing.
    • Info/system commands