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News / Updates

September 19, 2018: New commands have been added so users can specify which roles can manage tournaments! By default, users with manage server permissions can manage tournaments.

How it works

Manage tournaments that your Discord members can join, as well as:

  • Bulk add members to the tournament as particants.
  • Declare winners and set scores
  • Participate in a tournament using your Discord username/avatar.
  • And much more!

Prefixes: !, ?, t!, t? or @mention the bot (e.g. @botname [the command])

This bot uses the Challonge API to manage tournaments.

View tutorial on basic usage and screenshots here.


Commands that do not depend on a tournament to exist.

Command Description Usage
!challonge email Associates your Challonge email for tournament participation. If not set, your Discord username is used. !challonge email [email]
!challonge username Associates your Challonge username for tournament participation. If not set, your Discord username is used. !challonge username [username]
!tourney create Creates a tournament. This also sets it as the "current" tournament on the server. !tourney create [name] (optional game name)
!tourney all Show all tournaments (by their ID) created by this server. !tourney all
!cantourney Allow users with a role to manage tournaments and participants. !cantourney [role]
!cannottourney Disallow a role from managing tournaments and participants. !cannottourney [role]
!whocantourney Show all roles who can manage tournaments and participants. Users with manage server permissions can always manage tournaments. !whocantourney

After running !tourney create, the below commands can be used for that tournament. Use !current to show its information, or to switch to another tournament as the "current" one.

Commands for the current tournament.

Command Description Usage
!start Starts a tournament. !start
!current Shows current tournament information. Optionally can set a different tournament as the "current" one. It is also the tournament where the below commands can be applied. !current (optional tournament ID)
!finalize Finalizes the tournament, making current results permanent. !finalize
!reset Resets a tournament, clearing all of its scores and attachments. !reset
!winner Declare a user as a winner for their currently open match. Default scores are 1 (for winner) and 0 (for loser). !winner [@user]
!participate Participate in a tournament. If you are a tournament manager, you can tag a user to add them instead. !participate (optional @user1, @user2, ...)
!unparticipate Removes you from a tournament. If you are a tournament manager, you can tag a user to remove them instead. !unparticipate (optional @user)
!addmembers Adds all members from your server to the tournament. !addmembers
!addbots Adds bots to the tournament, if you want to do that for some reason. !addbots
!clear Clears a tournament of all participants. !clear
!seed Sets the seed of a participant in the tournament. Must be less or equal to the number of participants. !seed [@user] [number]
!swap Swaps the seed between two participants of the tournament. !swap [@user1] [@user2]
!status Shows your participant info (current rank, etc). Tag a user for their participant info instead. !status (optional @user)
!match Shows the next open match that you're in. Tag a user to see theirs instead. !match (optional @user)
!reopen Reopens the most recent match that was completed. Tag a user to reopen one of theirs instead. !reopen (optional @user)
!update Updates tournament settings. See Challonge's documentation to see a list of possible fields. !update [field] [value]
!destroy Deletes the current tournament. !destroy

Additional Notes

To update fields with !update, use the field shown in the docs (shown in brackets) for [field] and a valid value. For example, if you want to update the tournament to use double elimination, run !update tournament_type "double elimination". Keep in mind that any values with spaces need to be wrapped with double quotes.

All tournaments are viewable to the public by default

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