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A programming oriented bot with various unique commands to help developers and IT servers.


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Kirino is an IT oriented bot, and can be used for a lot of things related to this domain.

  • you can execute any source code from any language you want and get the output directly on discord through the ;run command
  • the bot have a lot of commands that can help to get links to learn the desired programming language (e.g. if you want to get links to learn Python, there is a command ;learnpy)

9 of the most popular programming languages are supported for now, but some are planned to be added as well in the future.

  • you can also search informations about the github profile of someone, with the ;github command.
  • an ;openclassrooms command is available to warn beginners about this site that can lead to bad practices if not worse.
  • a ;code command allows you to show how to send code on discord, as discord newcomers often don't know how to do.
  • a ;rustdoc command allows you to search for anything you want directly in the Rust documentation.
  • ;base command allows you to convert a number from a base to another one.
  • ;base64 allows you to encode or decode a message with base64.
  • ;md5 allows you to compute the MD5 hash of any text you want.

A complete XP system inspired from MEE6's one is available and is fully free !

  • ;xp allow you to view your XP card, reset the XP, change your card color, add a custom background to it, enable or disable the xp system...
  • ;leaderboard allow you get your server's leaderboard link, which allow you to have an overview of the server's members ranking.
  • ;rolereward allow you to set roles that will be automatically added to members that reach a certain level !
  • ;scale allow you to change the amount of XP earned at each message !

And a lot of more standards commands, also useful !

  • an ;afk command to leave a message to those who would mention you when you're away
  • a ;banword command to block certain words from your server
  • a ;rule command to set rules for your server and display them at any time
  • a ;language command that allows you to choose Kirino's language bewteen French and English

And a lot of others basic commands that you probably already know but can be helpful sometimes : kick, ban, profilepicture, ask, roleinfo, userinfo, serverinfo, purge...

And still more !

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