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TheelUtil has 24/7 support, weekly updates, and tons of new features! Come join us today!


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We have a bunch of things you can do and play with, such as:

  • Earn quests just by talking!
  • Make money by beating quests!
  • A support team that you can have come help you just by using !request support
  • Customize your info and profile!
  • A comprehensive tutorial/FAQ page!
  • Global and Server leaderboards that you can compete on with friends!
  • A suggestion feature where you can help influence the updates!
  • An extremely detailed help command with tutorial links, all the command categories, and a sub help-page for every command that you can use!
  • Quests, shields, and weapons that you can make!

New commands/features added almost every week! Also has a customizable profile, with new backgrounds and banners added all the time!

Joining our support server also has some nice benefits, like:

  • Giveaways every 500 servers and on every special event!
  • Access to a full update log that includes all updates since February 2019!
  • The ability to vote on polls to decide what new updates and features to add and focus on! Each poll's results are binding, which means they will always be implemented!
  • Sneak peeks of new updates and dedicated support staff!

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