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Hey peeps. This is my first bot. I'll put every command in that I like until it explodes. It's still in development. Many changes. Many updates. Chaos.

EDIT: Okay it's been awhile since I've started developing Juzo and I'm having so much fun.

EDIT2: Juzo exploded... Use Juzo ConfessionP Bot for confessions instead! He even has a confession log!(Premium only)

EDIT3: Checkout Cruno! He sends messages like questions periodically to a channel.

EDIT4: New Bot Kuro! He gives you access to a weekly Leaderboard to show your server activity! (Premium only)

How to setup Juzo Confession Bot

  1. Setup confession channel with jc!channel
  2. DM the bot like this confess <ServerID> <message>
  3. If you want a confession log: join my Support Server and subscribe to my Patreon. Make sure to link your Discord account with your Patreon.
  4. Setup confession log with jc!log

Some Commands


  • j!react <custom emoji> Sends a reaction with a custom emoji. ex: j!react gifcolorheart
  • j!reacttothis <custom emoji> Reacts to your message. ex: j!reacttothis gifcolorheart
  • j!reacttolast <custom emoji> Reacts to the last message in the channel. ex: j!reacttolast gifcolorheart
  • j!emojis Lists all custom server emojis
  • j!ytsearch <youtube title> Search for videos on YouTube
  • j!say Lets the bot say something
  • j!dog Sends a picture of a random dog. A cute little dooog!
  • j!cat Sends a picture of a random cat. a kitty! kitty, kitty, kitty...
  • j!help Sends you a list of all commands

Setup fun channels!!!

  • j!countchannel Count! Needs Manage Channel permission to display the next count in the channel topic.
  • j!onewschannel Links one word story channel
  • j!reversechannel Links a channel. Anything you type in this channel will be reversed
  • j!suggestionchannel Links a voting channel and let people suggest to change the owner!
  • j!korochannel Link a "keep one replace one" channel. Keep one word, replace the other.
  • j!storychannel Links a channel for making up a story. Type j!story or j!story [number] to get a random number of words.
  • j!reactchannel Reacts to new messages in the given Reactchannel with given emoji. Great for Selfie channel! ex: j!reactchannel #reactchannel gifbingcheer

For the reactchannel you can type in the emojiname instead of the emojiID. PS: You can type in the channelID, mention the channel or type in the channelname to link the channel. ex: confess 3286749283467 That one time in band camp I...

A bit of Moderatoration (yeah I wrote it correctily!)

  • j!tempmute <time in s/m/h> Tempmutes a member. Needs Manage Roles Permission. ex: j!tempmute @user 20m
  • j!kick Kicks a member.
  • j!ban Bans a member
  • j!reportdone <report ID> marks a report as done
  • j!joinlog [channel] A joinlog!
  • j!leavelog [channel] A leavelog!
  • j!reportchannel [channel] Link a channel for reports from members to staff.
  • j!purge Purge a number of messages

Join my Support Server for feedback, suggestions and ehm.... support...not emotional support though... You can do it! or join Attention Seekers to see the bot in action!

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