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GDT Commands Prefix: g? (CHANGEABLE)

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Arguments: (optional), [required]
Command Alias Cooldown User Permission Description
aliases 3s Receive a list of the commands aliases
color (random) colour 5s Receive the hex, rgb and hsv values of the latest color from colourlovers.com database or of a random color using the 'random' argument
font 5s Receive a random font from fonts.google.com
gradient (hex) (hex) gr 5s Receive a two colors gradient image from our database or create one with your values
hex [r g b/color] tohex 3s Receive the HEX value of a RGB or CSS color
icon [keyword(s)] 5s Receive multiple styles of icons on the iconfinder.com database
invite support 3s In case you want to invite me to your server or join my support server 😉
news updates 3s See what's new on GDT
palette (random) 5s Receive the hex values of a random colors palette from colourlovers.com database
png 5s Receive a random selected image for our collection
rgb [hex/color] rgb 3s Receive the RGB values of a HEX or CSS color
prefix [prefix] 10s MANAGE_SERVER Set the bot prefix for your server
stats 3s Display some statistics about me
stock (keyword) 5s Receive a stock image from unsplash.com
suggestion [text] suggest 5m Use this command if you want to see something added / changed on GDT
texture textures 5s Receive a random texture image from pixabay.com database
tip [list/<id>] tips 5s Get the tips list or display one by it 'id'
vote 3s You can show your support by votting me on discordbot.org and as reward you will get access to the 'png' command