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A Stats Bot

A bot that tracks the games played by users who opt in. Available stats are the time played and what game. Use "-track help" to get started.






So this bot tracks gets updates on messages and presence updates. On messages it just looks for commands in any channel it has permission to be in. For presence updates it totally ignores them if it is not a user who as opted in yet. If they have opted in it finds if they stopped playing a game(as classified by Discord) and adds that time to the accumulator in RAM. The only information collected is the name of the game a user played and how many milliseconds they have played it since the bot has been up. This information can be displayed back by using "-track time", which list the top 10 games you have played sorted by play time. The other information command is "-track stats" which lists the top 10 games played in the server is sent in and the person who played the most of one game and the person who played the most of the top game in the server.

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