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A Discord Coronavirus simulation bot.




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Oh no!

The Coronavirus has spread to Discord!

Gang up together with others from across the network to help get rid of the Discord COVID-19 for good!

You have a 1/20 chance of being infected everytime you use a command and a 1/50 chance of dying when you use a command while infected.

As well as the infection, you can also die of starvation or dehydration. You have to work to afford food and water.

You can become a doctor and help cure the Coronavirus. Working gives you more money and gains UM that doctors can use for research. If you're a doctor and you're infected, the UM drops by 500 and you're kicked from the team.

Do you have what it takes?


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ShodCartoon46 1 month ago

ading the covid 19 to discord servers is a good idea

avatar of COVID-19
COVID-19 1 month ago

Thanks for the review!

Replying to ShodCartoon46

avatar of Olivei
Olivei 1 month ago

As a staff member for the support server of this bot, I’m glad to say this is the most amazing COVID-Simulation bot at there. Keep up the work!

avatar of COVID-19
COVID-19 1 month ago

You too! ❤️

Replying to Olivei