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Track custom emoji usage on your server and query interesting stats like most used and least used emojis.

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Emoji Statistics

The Emoji Statistics Bot tracks custom emoji usage on your server and lets you query interesting statistics like most used and least used emojis.

Included features are:

  • Automatically track custom emoji usage on your server and view at not only in-depth but also easy to understand statistics.

  • Filter by reactions and in-text emojis.

  • Filter by the emojis animation type.

  • Filter by different time intervals (daily/weekly/monthly/...).

  • See which emojis your friends enjoy the most.

  • Let the bot show you which emojis have never been used (ghost emoji).

  • Get the most hyped messages on your server (sorted by total reactions).

  • See interesting statistics for individual emojis.

  • Utilize in-depth data management.

For general help just use the command %e help.

Getting Started:
The bot automatically starts collecting data. You do not need to activate anything. Just having the bot online will do the trick.

%e stats: See an up-to-date overview of the amount of usages for every emoji (in-text & reactions mixed).

%e text: See the statistics for in-text emojis only.

%e reactions: See the statistics for reactions only.

%e unused: See which emojis have never been used.

%e user [mention]: Get general statistics about a users emoji usage.

%e prefix [new]: Change the servers prefix.

Thank you for choosing this bot! If you are still encountering any problems, feel free to message me on the support server!

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avatar of Wupperwichtel
Wupperwichtel 19 days ago

I think its extremely interesting that you can see how different emojis get utilized. Thats one small step for a developer, a giant leap for development.


avatar of enterih
enterih 10 days ago

I use it on my server and it works fine. Recommended and very useful when you want to see and delete unpopular emojis