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You can use Embeder to make your server proffesional for free. You can make a embed and save it and send it anytime and anywhere, You can also edit it for another use.

You can also use some fancy commands to make some amazing experience for your users

Need some Help? Use //help to get help Need some more help or even a freindly Support? You can get best support here


The easiest setup all over the time. Follow these steps:
1- Invite Embeder to your server

TIP: This bot is a user-wise bot, There is no server related setting that you can do


To create an embed use //new. and to edit an existed one use //edit <ID>.

In editor you will get a list of commands that you can work with. These commands are based on your premium package. After you have finished editing the embed you can send it anywhere by //send <ID>.

If you proud of your embed you can share it on templates with //share <ID> <A short description>. If you want to remove it so just send //share <ID>.

You can also check embeds on templates with //templates [Page] and loading them on your own embeds with //load <Template ID> [ID to replace]

TIP: You can work on embeds in a server channel or with direct messages

Fun Commands

These commands have been added to make some fun or be useful, These were not the main propose and may be it would be removed in an update.

//embed <Text>: It makes a fast embed from your text. Fast embeds works really fast, It will get the embed title from first line of your text and the embed description from other lines.

//fancytext <Text>: It makes several fancy texts which you can copy and paste anywhere. Check styles with //fancytext styles. With a higher premium package, You will unlock more styles.

//imagetext <Style> <Text>: It will replace your command with an image from your text in style you have defined. Check styles with //imagetext styles. With a higher premium package, You will unlock more styles.

Other Features

  • Funny ping command
  • Low ping (Faster than a horse)
  • High uptime
  • Friendly support

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