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High quality Discord Music Bot with including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more!


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Welcome To Remix is a Discord music bot focused on one goal to deliver music on Discord, Supporting many sources of music %help for Commands!

%help [command] ~ To show all commands %nowplaying ~ To show the music which is currently playing in this server %pause ~ To pause the current music in the server
%play ~ To play songs %queue ~ To show the server songs queue %resume ~ To resume the paused music
%skip ~ To skip the current music %stop ~ To stop the music and clearing the queue %volume [volume] ~ To change the server song queue volume
%skipto ~ Skip to the selected queue number %search ~ Search and select videos to play %loop ~ Toggle music Loop
%lyrics ~ Get lyrics for the currently playing song %playlist ~ Play a playlist from youtube %pruning ~ Toggle pruning of bot messages
%shuffle ~ Shuffle queue %remove ~ Remove song from the queue %uptime ~ Check the uptime

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avatar of Ouchilla
Ouchilla 2 months ago

Remix Up! Best Music Bot Ever.

avatar of Remix
Remix 2 months ago


Replying to Ouchilla

avatar of [NP] Rohanあの゜

Not lying, for me this is the best discord music bot. The way those emoji reacts is just awesome i love it. if someone is reading this review listen boy just add this to you're server this is good

avatar of Remix
Remix 1 month ago

Thank you!

Replying to [NP] Rohanあの゜

avatar of Jaden
Jaden 1 month ago

Never seen that bot before but its have good sound thank you so much Remix!🙃

avatar of Remix
Remix 1 month ago

You're welcome!❤️

Replying to Jaden

avatar of mr bye
mr bye 2 months ago

Best of all music bot 🔥♥️


avatar of Cheetos
Cheetos 1 month ago

I like it! it’s simple to use yet very powerful.


avatar of Cage
Cage 1 month ago

Really nice makes my server happy🎉


avatar of Atlas
Atlas 1 month ago

Top! I love you bot Remix.


avatar of Parker
Parker 1 month ago

Nice bot - and community is cool and staff are friendly


avatar of Buck
Buck 1 month ago

Very nice!


avatar of Jacoob
Jacoob 1 month ago

A very pretty cool bot with many features :D


avatar of Remix
Remix 1 month ago

To disconnect the bot do this command (%stop) or (%skip)

Replying to JesseM28

avatar of Kylo
Kylo 1 month ago

Love the bot, love the developers.


avatar of Zayn
Zayn 1 month ago

Amazing bot✨


avatar of Adriel
Adriel 1 month ago

A wonderful bot, I hope it gets better every day


avatar of Adam
Adam 1 month ago

Nice bot!


avatar of Kade
Kade 1 month ago

Good bot with amazing features.


avatar of Jaxon
Jaxon 1 month ago

Good bot for Music!


avatar of Hørk
Hørk 1 month ago

Best bot on Discord