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The most random bot you can find. From surfing your favourite social platforms to finding anime, movies, and shows. All bundled up in one.


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V2.7a Released (3/22/2021)

-NEW twitch command: Gets a twitch user (ztwitch [user]) -NEW twitch stream command: Gets a twitch user's live stream if the are live (ztwitch stream [user]) -NEW twitch clips command: Gets 20 of a twitch user's clips (ztwitch clips [user]) -NEW news command: Some news from the top headlines (znews) -NEW coinflip command: flips a coin (zcf, zcoinflip) -ADDED twitch commands to social help (zhelp socials, zhelp twitch) -ADDED coinflip command to misc help (zhelp misc) -ADDED news command to info help (zhelp informatics) -ADDED alias for pog command: zpogchamp


ZBot, a bot so random and varied that i don't know how to label it. Surf reddit/twitter/youtube, search for your favourite anime/manga/movies/shows, track your word count, and much much more. ZBot commands found with the help command (zhelp).

() = Optional
[] = Required
* = Vote+ Needed
** = Patreon+ Needed













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Social Commands--

zreddit [subreddit Name] : RANDOM Post From The Top 100 Posts In Hot From The Subreddit
zreddit surf [Subreddit Name] : 100 Posts Of The Subreddit Sorted In Any Format *
zredditor [Redditor name] : View A Redditor's Profile And 100 Of Their Latest Posts
zmultireddit [Multireddit Name] : Opens The Multireddit And Allows You To Scroll Through Its Subreddits All Together **
zmultireddit list : List All The Multireddits You Created Along With The Subreddits In Them **
zmultireddit create [Desired Multireddit Name] : Creates A New Multireddit **
zmultireddit delete [Multireddit name] : Deletes A Multireddit **
zmultireddit add [Multireddit name] [Subreddit name] : Adds A Subreddit To The Specified multireddit **
zmultireddit remove [Multireddit name] [Subreddit name] : Removes A Subreddit From The Specified Multireddit **
ztwitter [User @] : Details About The User Profile And 20 Of Their Latest Tweets
ztwitter search [Search Term] : Searches For 10 Users Related To Search Term
ztwitter trending : Shows Whats Currently Trending (USA)
zyoutube [Channel Name] : Details About The Channel And 20 Of The Latest Uploads
zyoutube search [Search Term] : Searches For 10 Channels Related To Search Term
ztwitch [User] : The Twitch User's Profile
ztwitch stream [User] : The Twitch User's Stream If They Are Streaming
ztwitch clips [User] : The Twitch User's Clips

Anime/Manga Commands--

zanime [Anime Name] : Searches For The Anime And Gives Details About The Selected
zmanga [Manga Name] : Searches For The Manga And Gives Details About The Selected
+3 More Commands

IMDb/Movie/Show Commands--

zimdb [Movie/Serie] : Details About The Movie/Series
zimdb search [Search Argument] : Searches For The Movie/Serie And Gives Details About The Selected

Image Commands--

zcat : Cat Pics
zdog : Dog Pics
zfox : Fox Pics
zfood : Food Pics
ztpde : This Person Doesn't Exist. An AI Generated Person That Did Not And Probably Will Never Exist
zpog : Random Pog
zfry [Image Attachment/Image Url] : Deepfries The Image
zfry profile (@) : Deepfries The User's Avatar
zqrcode make [Tex/Attachment] : Converts The Text Or Attachments Into Qrcodes
zqrcode read [Qrcode Url/Attachment] : Converts the Qrcodes into Text
zgiphy [Search Term] : Random Gif Related To The Search Term
zpdf [PDF Attachment/PDF Url] : Views The PDF's First 40 Pages As Images

Joke Commands--

zdadjoke : Jokes By Dads
zjoke : A Clean Joke With No Sensetive Material
zdarkjoke : The Jokes Are Darker And Not For Everyone. At Own Descretion
zpun : Good Ol' Puns

Quote/Advice Commands--

zadvice : Some Good Ol' Advice
zkanye : Words By Kanye
ztaylor : Image And Quote By Taylor Swift
+1 More Command

Informatic Commands--

zcovid : Worldwide Status Of Covid-19
zcovid (Country) : Status Of Covid-19 In Country
zweather [Place] : Get The Temperature, Atmosphere, And Time
zgoogle [Search Term] : Top 20 Results Straight From The Front Page Of Google
zgis [Search Term] : Google Image Search. 20 Image Results Straight From Google Images
zcrypto : Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Sorted By Market Cap 
znews : 20 Top News Headlines 
zapod : Astronomy Picture Of The Day *
zapoddaily : When The Next APOD Daily Will Be Sent
zapoddaily start : Start Receiving Daily APODs In The Current Channel **
zapoddaily end : Stop Receiving Daily APODs In The Current Channel **
znasa : 25 RANDOM Mars Images From The 100s Taken By NASA's Curiosity Rover (Different Each Roll)

Game Commands--

zsudoku [easy/medium/hard/random] : A Sudoku Puzzle With The Given Difficulty
zttt [mention] : Starts A Tic-Tac-Toe Game Vs The Mentioned User
zchess [mention] : Starts A Chess Game Vs The Mentioned User
zcptd : Chess Puzzle of The Day from Chess.com *
zcptddaily : When The Next CPTD Daily Will Be Sent
zcptddaily start : Start Receiving Daily CPTDs In The Current Channel **
zcptddaily end : Stop receiving daily CPTDs In The Current Channel **
zosu [username] : OSU! info
zfortnite [username] : Fortnite Stats
zpubg all [username] : All Time PUBG Stats
zpubg season [username] : This Season's PUBG Stats

Counting/Tracking Commands--

zsetup : Sets Up The Bot For The First Time To Count/Track
zadd [Phrase] : Add A Word To Keep Track Of
zremove [Phrase] : Removes An existing Word Being Tracked
zlist : All Added Words
zstats (@) (Word) : Stats For Word
ztop (Word) : Returns The Top 3 Most Repeated Words By Any User
zclear : Clear Everything, AKA Remove ALL Data

Miscellaneous Commands--

zremind [Arguments] : Pings You After Time Is Over.
zcalc [Input] : Calculates And Returns Result
zcolor : Returns A RANDOM Color With Its HEX And RGB Color Codes
zroll : Rolls A Dice
zcoinflip : Flips A Coin
zbinary make [Text/Attachment] : Converts the Text or Attachments into Binary
zbinary read [Binary] : Converts the Binary into Text

*NOTE: ZBot is still in development*

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