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Simple Profile

A bot for creating simple profiles in Discord.







Simple Profile bot helps you create small and simple profiles right in Discord. You can also view other profiles by searching with their Discord username or ID.

The bot also works in DMs, so you can search for a profile in private.

Add Emojis, social links, game stats and make your profile custom and unique!

Bot Commands

User the `` command to view all help commands in bot. Also, use all commands with the prefix p.
⚙️setProfile Set your profile. The text you enter here will be visible on you profile.
🔍GetProfile Get someone's profile. You can search by tagging someone, using Discord ID which looks something like this - 704105245042802770 or you can search by Discord username which looks like this - Simple Profile#1295.
🔍MyProfile Get your own profile.
📊Stats Get some basic details about your server and the bot. Like, number of voice/text channels, server, and bot age, number of profiles registered with the bot, etc.
🔁UpdateProfile This command updates your bot profile. Use this command after you have changed either or both of your Discord username and Discord profile picture.
✉️Invite Get link to add me to your server.
✉Support Get invite link to join my support server.
🗑️deleteProfile⚠️ WARNING: This is an irreversible process. Your simple profile will be permanently be removed from my database. You can still create a new profile though
❓Help Get list of commands and their usage. (This message)

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