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WikiBot deeply integrates with newly added Discord Slash commands to provide answers to your FAQ and custom Wiki topics.







WikiBot deeply integrates with Discord's new Slash command which allows your users to explore all available wiki topics.

Due to current limitations, you can add up to 100 commands. We hope Discord will reconsider that limitation and increase it.


When you install WikiBot you have to populate your Wiki topics. To do that you have two options:

  1. Add individual topics via the /wiki-mgmt upsert command. Example: /wiki-mgmt upsert group:general key:rules description:Our server rules content:1. Be kind 2. Follow rule 1.
  2. Bulk add multiple topics from CSV file via: /wiki-mgmt bulk import. You can read more about it in the Manage section.


All topics are available under the /wiki command. As soon as you start typing it Discord will prompt you all available topics from the list. You can get the list of commands and available wiki topics via /wiki-help command.


Currently, only members with "Manage Channels" permission are allowed to modify wiki topics. We'll remove this limitation in future versions. Just to note, due to how slash commands work all server members will be able to see management commands however, they won't be able to use them.

To manage your topics you have the following commands:

  • /wiki-mgmt upsert add or modify the current topic
  • /wiki-mgmt delete delete the current topic
  • /wiki-mgmt bulk export export all current topics into CSV file
  • /wiki-mgmt bulk import import all topics from CSV file. To import your topics you have to create a CSV file with 4 columns: group,key,description,content. Every line of the CSV file will be considered as one topic. If you have new lines or special characters in any of the columns please surround it with ". You can see how the CSV file looks like by adding a new topic via /wiki-mgmt upsert and then exporting it vial /wiki-mgmt bulk export. After you created your CSV file, upload it to any channel. Then use /wiki-mgmt bulk import. The bot will scan the latest messages in the channel to find your CSV file and import all topics from it. If it sees the topic with an existing group and key and will update its content and description.
  • /wiki-mgmt analytics will show you the usage of your wiki topics.

Bugs and Features

If you have any bug reports or feature requests please use Github Issues to submit them.

Current known bugs are:

  • Wrong description text on Android client
  • Incosistent behavior on iOS. Some features might not work on iOS devices (such public option)

This is a fresh bot that uses new Discord features and we assume it will have many unexpected bugs for now. You and your users also can use the /wiki-feedback command to send us feedback.

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