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This Bot Is A Very Cool, Fun, And Can Do Moderation Like MEE6! It Can Do Tons Of Fun Commands That Are Being Added All The Time!






This Bot Is Very Fun It Can Do Commands Like !animal Which Will Give You A Random Cute Animal Picture! !fact Which Gives A Random Fact To Tell People To Seem Smart! !meme style A Meme Naruto Board Game! AND MORE! There Are So Many Moderation Commands We Will Show It Here !ban - Ban A User !mute - Makes A User Not Able To Send Messages !unmute - Reverses Mute Command !afk - Sets A AFK Status For The User !warn - Warns A User (It Will Be Logged In !warnings Command) !warnings - Checks The User's Warnings !clearwarnings - Removes User's Warnings In !warnings Command !report - Reports A User To Staff !kick - Kicks A User From The Server !addrole - Gives A Role To A User !removerole - Removes A Role From A User !softban - Only Kicks A Member But Deletes All There Messages From Chat Like A Ban Does !purge - Deletes Up To 99 Messages In A Channel And Those Are The Commands

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