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A moderation, music, economy and leveling discord bot including many useful features that make discord more enjoyable for everyone!



A discord bot including many useful features like:

  • Chat Experience System
  • Reaction Roles System
  • Welcome / Leave Messages
  • Custom settings containing (prefix, welcome channel, xp on message, etc...)
  • Muting System
  • Anti-Swearing System
  • Warning System
  • Banning System
  • Economy System
  • Music System
  • Link Detection System
  • Anti Ghost-Ping System
  • Birthday Announcements System and many more!

With many useful commands Nullified makes servers more enjoyable and secure.

List of commands:

Moderation commands:

  • snipe (Shows the last deleted message in the server)
  • clear [count] [@member] (clears a specific amount of messages)
  • kick {@member} {reason} (kicks the specified member from the server)
  • ban {@member} {time (example: 5s|m|h|d) / "perm"} {reason} (bans the specified member from the server for the specified time.)
  • mute {@member} {time (example: 5s|m|h|d) / "perm"} {reason} (mutes the member for the specified time)
  • settings (shows the servers settings)
  • setting {setting} {value} (changes {setting} to {value} (type !settings to see all settings) )
  • unban {NAME#DISCRIMINATOR / ID} (unbans the specified member)
  • quickreactionrole {channel} {message id} {role} {emoji} {remove role on reaction role (on/off)} (will create a reaction role for the message id specified)
  • reactionrole (starts the reactionrole setup)
  • removereactionrole {message_id} {emoji} (Will delete the specified reaction role)
  • giveaway (starts a giveaway)
  • reactionroles (shows all the reaction roles in the current guild)
  • quickgiveaway {winners} {time (example: 5s|m|h|d)} {prize} (aliases=qgiveaway)
  • unmute {@member} {reason (optional)} (unmutes the member)
  • warn {@member} {reason} (warns the member)
  • infractions {@member} (shows the member's infractions)
  • removeinfraction {@member} {index} (alias: ri, removes a warning from the member at the specified index)
  • ticket (creates a ticket)
  • closeticket (closes the ticket)

Music commands:

  • play {URL / QUERY} (adds song to queue / plays it)
  • queue (shows the current queue)
  • nowplaying (aliases (np) shows the currently playing song)
  • queue remove {index} (removes index from queue)
  • disconnect (disconnects the bot from the channel)
  • stop (pauses the currently playing song)
  • skip (skips to the next song in the queue)
  • volume {volume 1-100} (Changes the song volume)
  • lyrics [title] (Tries to find the currently playing song)

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • tictactoe {@member} (starts a tictactoe match against that member.)
  • nuke (deletes all the messages in the current channel)
  • sadquote (shows a sad quote)
  • darkjoke (sends a dark joke)
  • avatar {@member} (shows {@member}'s profile picture)
  • leaderboard or lb (shows the server's leaderboard)
  • ping (shows the bot's ping)
  • rank {@member} (shows {@member}'s rank)
  • inspire (sends an inspiring quote)
  • hack {@member} (shows the member's "email and password")
  • ppsize {@member} (shows {@member}'s ppsize)
  • status (shows the current bot status)
  • botinfo (shows info about the bot)
  • setbirthday (starts the birthday setup)
  • pinglog (shows a chart of pings from the last 10 hours)
  • format {Command name} (shows the command's format)

Customizable Settings:

  • welcome_message : arguments: message ( will be replaced with the server's name will mention the member and will show the server member count)
  • leave_message: arguments: message (Same as welcome_message) birthday_log: arguments: channel (will send member birthday announcements there)
  • member_log: arguments: channel (Will send member leave / member join messages in that channel)
  • xp_on_message: arguments: value (will change the xp given on message 1-50 default 5)
  • initial_xp: arguments: value (will change xp given to new members 0-100 default 0)
  • level_multiplier: arguments: value (will change the xp multiplier on each level up default 1.5 0-10)
  • ban_after_infractions: arguments: value (will change the amount of infractions needed to get banned.)
  • rankup_message: arguments: message ( will mention the member and will be replaced with the new member's rank)
  • ranking_system: arguments: value (on / off)
  • welcome_messages: arguments: value (on / off will enable the welcome / leave messages)
  • swearing: arguments: value (on/ off will enable swearing)
  • economy_system: arguments: value (on / off will enable / disable economy system)
  • delete_links: argumnts: value (on / off will enable / disable the link detector)
  • detect_ghost_pings: arguments: value (on / off will enable / disable the detect ghost-ping system)
  • prefix: arguments: value (length of prefix must be <= 2)
  • Change settings using the setting (setting) (value) command!

And many more features coming soon!

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