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The first EYP (European Youth Parliament) discord bot






The first EYP (European Youth Parliament) discord bot.

Made uniquely, with random funcitons as quote and meal, unique funcitons for some of the sesssions

During digital sessions, session servers were having additional bots for playing music, zodiac, random generators...We figured out that we can make a contribution to discord bot community by adding one special bot for EYP sessions

This bot has following commands

➼.quote - For getting random quote in #quotes channel type '.quote'. After calling quote please delete your '.quote' message for having a clean text channel.

➼.meal - For getting random meal in #random-meals channel type '.meal'.

➼.movie - For getting random movie type '.movie'.

➼.country - For getting random country type '.country'.

➼.help - Type '.help' for getting this message.

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