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A encouraging bot! who helps you when you get depressed.. or when you are lonely! The bot have endless quotes and keeps updating with time!




L Lawliet

L Lawliet

● A very useful bot when you are in depression!

- It have many commands to help you in depression or when you want some motivation!

- When you are out of motivation you can use this bot to encourage yourself!

● Why This Bot?

- The Bot Have A Endless number of motivation quotes!

- You can add your quotes too!

- And Many Other Commands Coming Soon!

● How to Use This Bot?

- $inspire = to inspire yourself

- $new = add your quote

- $del = to delete your quote!

- i am sad, depressed etc. = the bot will motivate you!

● How can I reach out for support?

you can reach out to us here. I am there to help you anytime! reach out to the development server of this bot Here!

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