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Rooster does what you need in your discord chat. Insult, Roast, Waste Time and Meme in chat



Rooster bot is one of the fastest growing discord bots and for good reason. Rooster has a set of personalities that you and your friends are sure to get a kick out of. By default Rooster is just rude and with this comes some comebacks that you will get tons of laughs over.

It has a growing list of puns, roasts, and insult that are sure to make you laugh.

We all get bored throughout the day, so why not play some of the TimeWaster games that Rooster provides. All designed to really waste your time.

Plus make some sick memes with your friends using Roosters growing image catalog.

Along with your typical reddit MEMES and much more.

New items are being added daily.

**working on a economy to take over Rooster Town.

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