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OzBot(ozxybot) is a bot made for fun and for admins. It has commands like !purge for clearing chat when someone spams them or !block for those who just wont shut up. It has to the ability to give roles according to what games you play using !gamerole. If you want you can use !register so users can run !register and get a role you set. For the users there are commands like !attack where they can battle and have fun. If you are feeling funny you could try !chuck and get a random Chuck Norris or do a !chuck and your search to search for a Chuck Norris joke. There is !fact for your users to define their own "facts" and randomly get one from your server's fact file. If you ever want to know about more OzBot commands you can use !help or use a ? instead of a ! when you run a command to just learn more about that command. OzBot is constantly updated and gets new features all the time! The bot is planned to be open sourced once the code is cleaned up.

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