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Proto - A game discord bot

Proto is a game bot designed to create more activitiy and chatting in your server! Bring you classic game like Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, Rock Paper Scissors, Russian Roulette and more! Along with the classic games proto has a unique economy system much like GTA V RP and Gary's mod DARK RP. The goal of the economy is to play a role in proto society whether its stealing, hacking, robbing, or killing your way to the top of the economy leaderboards or playing as a normal citizen.


Fun Commands

  • raffle (Admin Only)
  • insult
    • aliases: i
  • 8ball
  • decide
  • wordgen

Utilities Commands

  • purge (Admin Only)
  • ping
  • user
  • info
  • stats

Game Commands

  • trivia
    • Use tguess to guess the trivia answer
  • ttt
    • use tplace to place your marker in a tic tact toe game
  • c4
    • use cplace to place your marker in a connect 4 game
  • rps
  • rr
    • aliases: russianroulette, russian, roulette

Econ Commands

Bank Commands

  • bank
  • bank create //If the bot didnt make your account when it joined or when you joined a server
  • bank help //Info on the bank commands
  • pay
  • check

Shop and buy commands

  • shop
  • protection
  • income
  • crackers
  • buy //Get the items to buy from the shop info

Earn Money Commands

  • cf
  • fish
  • hack
  • buy income for hourly income

Econ Utility

  • lb

Hacking Info

  • hack //by itself for hack possiblities

How to use the commands

Tic Tac Toe

To start a game of tic tac toe use p!ttt @user to start a game with that user the bot randomly will choose who goes first When its your turn use p!tplace row column to place your X or O on the tic tac toe board Did your opponent go afk do p!tplace end to end the game

Connect 4

To start a game of connect 4 use p!c4 @user to start a game with that user the bot randomly will choose who goes first When to bot @ you when its your turn use p!cplace row to place your blue or red marker on the board Did your opponent go afk do p!cplace end to end the game

Rock Paper Scissors

To start a game of rock paper scissors with the bot use p!rps and then after rps put your choice like so p!rps rock

Russian Roulette

To start a game of russian roulette use p!rr and then after you type p!rr @ all the users you would like to play russian roulette with. Like so p!rr @windfield @jaymo @xyz the bot will auto include you in the game so no need to @ yourself


To start a trivia game use p!trivia followed by the category you would want to play. In the early stages of development in this bot the only category right now is geek so to start a geek trivia do p!trivia geek To guess the answer of the trivia game use p!tguess answer if you give up us p!tguess give


The p!bank command will show your bank account with the money you have the protection and income you are recieving per hour p!bank create will create you a bank account if the bot didnt make you a bank account for some reason Once the bot joins the server give it a bit to add all your users to the database of bank accounts


p!pay @user or p!pay USERID to give a user money $$$


p!check @user or p!check USERID to check a users bank account used to see if they are hackable


p!protection will show all the information that you need about the bank protection


p!income will show all the information that you need about the income and how to get income


p!crackers will show all the information that you need about the crackers and how to buy them

Leader Boards

p!lb will show the global leader boards soon there will be local server leader boards and much more added


p!hack by itself will show all the possibilities with the crackers rarity and what type of bank protection you can hack p!hack @user will attempt to hack the user you @ or instead of @ing a user you can paste their user ID you will try to hack that user and steal all the money thats not protected


p!shop will pop up all the possible shops


p!buy (buying option) get the buying options from p!shop

Coin flip

p!cf heads or tails bet ammount example p!cf heads 200 - Betting 200 on heads


p!fish to go fishing to earn some free money! cooldown of 15 mins every 3 uses to stop spamming bots


p!ping command shows the ping of the server proto is running off of!


p!user by itself will show info about you and when you joined the server/discord and more p!user @user will show info about the user you @


p!raffle is an admin only command and the bot will choose a random user on the server to win the giveaway or raffle


p!info will show info about the bot and the bot creator


p!insult Text or @User will insult the text you gave it or the user you @


p!8ball question ask the 8ball a question and the bot will answer the question!


p!decide choices example p!decide yes no and the bot will choose a random choice you gave it


p!stats will show the stats of the bot all the servers the bot is on all the users that use the bot and the up time of the bot


p!wordgen will generate all the possible words out of the given letters you gave it example p!wordgen artisan


p!purge is an admin only command. an example of the use of this command is to p!purge (1-100) and the bot will delete that number of messages in the channel you typed it in good for clearing bot spam

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