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This bot adds a unique way to show off your member counters, server stats, goals and welcomer messages in your server (fully customizable).

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avatar of DIEGO XD
DIEGO XD 28 days ago

Very good this bot, with this bot you can see the stats, I recommend to invite to your servers, invite this bot now.


avatar of CormacZ
CormacZ 28 days ago

Very good bot, my friend and I use this bot for our server. 👍


avatar of Kaminski
Kaminski 25 days ago



avatar of ⒽⒶⓣⓔⓂⒺ
ⒽⒶⓣⓔⓂⒺ 28 days ago

Simple to use, clean, and effective bot. Up almost all the time, and fast updates. Would recommend! :)


avatar of Julek2006Domino
Julek2006Domino 12 days ago

Cool and good


avatar of • TB | ITC חבר של העורך של איציק
• TB | ITC חבר של העורך של איציק 12 days ago

how i add bot

avatar of ServerStats
ServerStats 12 days ago

You can just click the "invite" button on the top of the page (next to the big avatar image).

Replying to • TB | ITC חבר של העורך של איציק

avatar of sokima
sokima 17 days ago

Nice bot very usefull! :D 👀


avatar of catclaws118
catclaws118 24 days ago

Amazing bot, 5/5 heccing hecc the features are good you can make the member count noun say anything before the number of members even with premium you can have a counter that shows how many people are online a must-have for big servers


avatar of GabrielSin_YT Community
GabrielSin_YT Community 14 days ago

Nice my friend like it and thanks to this bot now i can see member :D Invite now


avatar of RytorF150
RytorF150 10 days ago

Pertty Good at Logging Members and Bots and Text Channels!


avatar of The NoGoat
The NoGoat 1 day ago

It's honestly mind blowing. A ton of counters, an easy way to set up, an awesome support team, and most importantly, an awesome look to your discord server. 10/10 would recommend it.