Pokemon Go Discord Bot: profiles, role management, tradeboards, leaderboards, Pokedex, PvP, raid coordination...

Created By: Selim# 0042


Starota is a Discord bot designed for use on Pokemon Go oriented servers.

If you want to add Starota to your own server, you can invite it from here this. If you want to join the support server, you can join here. If you are interested in just the Pokedex functionality, you are in luck, I made another bot with just that feature and nothing else and you can invite it from here.


  • Player profiles (featuring level, team, trainer code, real name, link to Silph Road card, and alternate accounts)
  • Basic role management (mark roles as "self-assignable", users can add and remove said roles at any point)
  • Tradeboard (post Pokemon you are looking for/are looking to trade away)
  • Leaderboards (server owners can make unique leaderboards to track anything)
  • Pokedex lookup (using Pokemon Go Hub)
  • PvP coordination commands (mark yourself as "battle-ready")
  • Command to help coordinate and plan raids
  • Show ongoing and upcoming events
  • Raid coordination commands (including raid trains)
  • Pokemon & event search functionality
  • Command to display current Ditto disguises
  • Command to show all current egg hatches
  • Custom Lua scripting for unique features (Patrons only)
  • WIP web-sided interface (Patrons only)
  • Predict in-game weather
  • Catcher's Cup (mini-game type thing, pretty much Harry Potter's house cup, but for PoGo teams)
  • Show latest Silph Arena Cup counters from Pokebattler

Server data is stored in the EBS format, as found here: Selim042/Extendable-Binary-Storage