Communicate with pepole on other guilds worldwide.

GlobalChat Commands Prefix: gc!

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Created By: Sv3n# 0628

     Commands only for admins:

    • gc!setup - Creates everything he need on this own. (requires administrator to run)
    • gc!enable - Enables the global chat on your guild. (requires administrator to run)
    • gc!disable - Disables the global chat on your guild. (requires administrator to run)

     Commands for everyone:

    • gc!stats (@user) - Shows your stats, or the stats of the mention user.
    • gc!invite - Explains how to invite the bot to your server.
    • gc!uptime - Shows the bots uptime.
    • gc!ping - Shows the bots- and the api's ping.
    • gc!support - If anything works wrong, join and report.

    How to use the globalchat?

    When the admin/owner executes the setup command, the bot creates a channel called "globalchat". He also sends the rules for using this channel. By using the global chat, you accept these rules.

    And now, you can send a message in the global chat and write with users worldwide!

    This bot has of course a own level system and a small shop with some cool features (gc!shop)

Click me to get the invitelink.