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Ever wanted to make your server family more official? Set your relationships with this bot! Marriage love, adoption? You can even have pets!


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Get yourself a family!

RelationshipBot will allow you to turn your server friends into a big family!
Yes, you can have a harem, why not?
This is a new bot so please find me on the Server and ask.


There are many relationship commands, too many to list here, use r:help more to get them

  • r:waifu @user Makes them your waifu and asks them to make you their husbando.
  • r:husbando @user Makes them your husbando and asks them to make you their waifu
  • r:yuri, r:yaoi are also valid marriage types, but you don't need to marry to have them as your r:love or r:cuddlebuddy
  • r:fam To see your direct relationships or r:fam @user
  • r:tree To render your family tree, or more like a relationship graph
  • r:relationship Sets your relationship with the person and optionally offers them a relationship with you: r:relationship @user dad -> son Would mean that they are your dad and you are their son. r:relationship @user waifu Would just set them as your waifu. The r:relationship dad -> son @user format also works. This command is better for adoption because you can make combinations like daughter -> mommy.
  • r:ship Ship two users! r:ship @user1 @user2 bro -> sis or maybe r:ship @user1 daughter -> @user2 mom
  • r:anipic to get a random pic with your fam, for more info use r:help anipic
  • You can remove relationships on different levels with the remove, breakup and block commands.


You can have 20 relationships, with premium everyone on your server can have 50.
Use relationship types that are also available with the relationship commands listed in r:help more, custom relationships are a premium feature.

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